Sunday, November 20, 2011

What do IST pupils think of RIRE?

During breaktime on Friday some pupils were interviewed about their experience of the RIRE challenge.
Three pupils from Y5

A group from Y3
Y3 on RIRE (mp3)

Some Y6 pupils
Year 6 on RIRE (mp3)

Another group of Y5s
Interviewing more Y5s about RIRE (mp3)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What do Year 2 think of the RIRE challenge?

Year 2 thoughts on RIRE (mp3)

Week One Winners

Well done to the eight pupils who won the first RIRE prize. Here are some pictures of them enjoying themselves! The winners were Almas, Ankia, Justus, Maria, Dane, Marloes, Josh, Lucas and Eleanor.

Click below to hear Maria telling Miss Ash about her prize In Y2 Maria wins RIRE week 1 (mp3)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week One Nov 7th - 14th

Very well done to everyone involved with the challenge so far! We have got off to a really great start with our RIRE challenge. 

Thanks to all families for their support with signing your child's sheet and helping them remember to bring the sheet to school each day.

Bravo to all the boys and girls for surprising your teachers by finding so much time for reading! We are going to have to make LOTS more tickets.Also, it is fantastic to see everyone joining in, from FS1 to Year 6.

And of course, well done to the class teachers who have been busily checking off the number of minutes spent reading and helping their pupils to add the corresponding number of tickets to the prize-draw box. 

On Monday 14th each class will draw one name from their box. The winning pupil will be given an invite!

The Challenge Explained - for families

Throughout November we will be running home- reading project called RIRE (Reading Is Really Exciting.  Each class (through discussion with peers and their teacher) will agree upon a length of time for daily independent reading.  This will be their target and, of course, will vary according to the age of the children.

Your child might read independently in the mornings or in the evenings, depending on your commitments. Of course, we would like your help. So, how can you help?

·  Make sure your child has a comfortable place to read and some reading material (magazine, comic, picture book, non-fiction…)

·  Decide to limit TV and computer games in November to prioritise reading

·  Notice how many minutes of reading they do and sign off the number of minutes spent on reading each day (including weekends)

·  Sit with them and silently read your own choice of material at the same time

Your child’s efforts will be rewarded with tickets (more reading = more tickets) and these tickets will be entered for a prize draw to win a prize. More tickets = more chance of winning a prize. The challenge will start on Monday 7th November and will run from Monday to Monday.  It will continue for 4 weeks therefore the last prize draw will be on Monday 5th December.

I hope you can find the time to support this project. I am sure it will have a positive impact on the children’s enthusiasm for reading (while also giving you a valid excuse to put your feet up and enjoy a good read!!!!)